Operation Fuel intake sites will begin accepting applications for deliverable fuels, electric and gas utility assistance on Friday December 1, 2017.  To find an Operation Fuel intake site, go to our fuel bank finder here or call 211.

Our Mission

Operation Fuel partners with communities, businesses, government and individuals to ensure that people in need have access to year-round energy assistance.

Our History

During the late 1970’s, a world-wide oil embargo caused an escalation in home energy costs. Despite the best efforts of state and federal government energy programs, the working-poor of Connecticut were still struggling to meet their energy needs and provide food and shelter for their families. In 1977, then Governor Ella Grasso, Father Thomas Lynch and leaders in the banking, insurance, and utility industries created a temporary crisis intervention program and named it Operation Fuel. The mission they gave to this new organization was to raise and provide funding to the families in our state who were falling through the gaps.

Now 40 years later, Operation Fuel is still devoted to caring for the most vulnerable members of Connecticut’s population. We are devoted to responding to the energy needs of the communities we operate in and to providing warmth and light on the coldest, darkest nights of the year.

Our Programs

  • Residential

    Operation Fuel provides a one-time grant of up to $500.00 to assist families with their energy bills.

    Operation Fuel is energy blind, meaning we assist with all energy types – oil, electric, natural gas, kerosene, wood, propane, pellets, and other energy sources.

    If your grant is being applied to an electric or gas utility bill, Operation Fuel’s grant can be used to prevent a shutoff or restore utility service.

  • Small Business

    Operation Fuel helps small business owners lower their energy costs and improve their profitability.

    Our small business programs connect owners to energy efficiency opportunities and offer grants to help small businesses make energy efficiency upgrades.

    Regardless of your business type, your small business may qualify for assistance.

  • Homeless Intervention and Prevention Program (HIPP)

    Operation Fuel collaborates with agencies whose mission is to work with the homeless population of Connecticut.

    These agencies provide case management support and services to individuals and families that are homeless and are faced with complex economic and social issues.

    Operation Fuel’s grant is used to assist applicants with past utility arrearage to support the transition into housing from a shelter.