June 30, 2016



With your support in 2014/2015 Operation Fuel helped:

  • More than 21,000 individuals, including over 8,200 children.
  • Provided support to 1,800+ seniors.
  • Continued to help small businesses lower their energy burden through our Project Best Program.
Here’s How To Help:

Send A Check.
Make checks or money orders payable to Operation Fuel, Inc. and mail them to:

Operation Fuel, Inc.
75 Charter Oak Avenue, Suite 2-240
Hartford, CT 06106

Donate Online.

Use our secure website to make an online donation.

Participate in Operation Fuel’s Add-A-Dollar program and donate when you pay your utility bill. Contact your utility provider to learn more.

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Make A Matching  Gift.
Participate in your employer’s matching gift program.  For a list of employers who sponsor a matching gift program, please click here.  Don’t see your company listed? Ask at work and send the matching gift forms in with your donation!

Planned Giving.
Plan for the future security of Operation Fuel by considering a gift through your estate plans.  All forms of donations are accepted.

Honorary Memorial Gifts.
Honorary and memorial gifts can express sympathy, love, appreciation, congratulations or best wishes to those you honor or remember. When you make an honorary or memorial gift to Operation Fuel, we will send an appropriate, personalized acknowledgment to individuals or family members letting them know you’ve honored them or a loved one with a gift. Please print this form and mail it along with your donation to Operation Fuel.

Any further questions regarding donations should be directed to Operation Fuel’s Director of Development at 860-243-2345 x 3303.